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Optimize Your Health With Acupuncture

Patients tend to come in for one specific concern.  However, they are often surprised that seemingly unrelated symptoms simultaneously improve with acupuncture.  

Instead of viewing and treating symptoms separately, Chinese medicine & acupuncture identifies and treats the entire body.  With regular acupuncture, you may notice improvements in mood, energy, sleep, digestion and stress and pain levels.  


Following are among the symptoms and situations I've worked with: 

~ Pain Of All Types
~ Sports Injuries

~ Poor Sleep

~ Mood Disorders

~ Infertility

~ Hot Flashes

~ Painful Cycles

~ Irregular or Absent Cycles

~ Constipation, Indigestion, IBS
~ Excessive Body Heat

~ End Of Life/Hospice

~ Rosacea & Difficult Skin Conditions

~ Hepatitis C

~ Post-Stroke

~ Auto-Immune Disease

~ Adjunctive Cancer Care

~ Fatigue & Burnout

~ Multiple Sclerosis

~ Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts