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Optimize Your Fertility

Everyone's path to parenthood is unique.  Whether you are using natural conception, IUI or IVF, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help with both female and male fertility challenges. 


As an adjunctive provider for one of the nation's leading fertility clinics in Denver CO, I have assisted hundreds of women during all phases of IUI and IVF cycles.  In addition to supporting IUI and IVF cycles, acupuncture provides much needed stress relief during this exciting but challenging undertaking.  

Natural Conception:

For natural conception, regular acupuncture combined with herbal medicine can improve specific hormonal challenges.  For most patients, benefits should be obvious within 3 months.  Noticeable changes for women may include improved cycle regularity, a more optimum menstrual flow, decreased cramps and less PMS.  For men with low count, motility or morphology, acupuncture and/or herbs may be helpful in specific cases.  A phone consultation is highly recommended for men.