Three generations of women

Acupuncture For Women's Health, Naturally!

Menstrual difficulties:
- Alleviate painful cramps

- Reduce PMS, bloating, breast tenderness and mood swings

- Help establish regular, healthy cycles

- Eliminate and prevent ovarian cysts

- Reduce excessive menstrual flow


-Reduce morning sickness 

-Alleviate fatigue

-Reduce body heat and edema

-Reduce back pain

-Relax uterine walls if there is breech positioning (treatment needs to start before week 36) 

-Prepare your body for labor

-Alleviate pre-labor anxiety


- Relieve hot flashes

- Reduce night sweats

- Improve sleep

- Alleviate mood swings

Other concerns:

- Reduce fibroid size or limit growth (up to 6.5 cm)

- Eliminate and prevent ovarian cysts

- Calm interstitial cystitis

- Reduce endometriosis


-Assist with natural conception by establishing regular cycles, increasing cervical mucus and improving uterine lining

-Support Assisted Reproductive Technologies, such as IUI and IVF