Three generations of women

Acupuncture For Women's Health, Naturally!

Our bodies are our most important resource, serving us from birth to death. Yet often we take our bodies for granted, at least until things go awry.  Thankfully acupuncture and Chinese Medicine provide gentle, yet effective therapies to help address a myriad of challenges. 

Menstrual difficulties:
- Alleviate painful cramps

- Reduce PMS, bloating, breast tenderness and mood swings

- Help establish regular, healthy cycles

- Eliminate and prevent ovarian cysts

- Reduce excessive menstrual flow


-Reduce morning sickness 

-Alleviate fatigue

-Reduce body heat and edema

-Reduce back pain

-Relax uterine walls if there is breech positioning (treatment needs to start before week 36) 

-Prepare your body for labor

-Alleviate pre-labor anxiety


- Relieve hot flashes

- Reduce night sweats

- Improve sleep

- Alleviate mood swings

Other concerns:

- Reduce fibroid size or limit growth (if up to 6.5 cm)

- Eliminate and prevent ovarian cysts

- Calm interstitial cystitis

- Reduce endometriosis


-Assist with natural conception by establishing regular cycles, increasing cervical mucus and improving uterine lining

-Support Assisted Reproductive Technologies, such as IUI and IVF