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Mt Pleasant - Charleston - Acupuncture | Pain Relief, Infertility, Anxiety, Women's Health

The good news is you don't have to accept needless discomfort. Whether you have physical pain and injuries, emotional struggles such as anxiety or depression, or hormonal challenges like infertility or PMS, there are natural and lasting solutions to achieve your health goals. 

Acupuncture excels where conventional medicine often falls short.  No longer considered an obscure or mysterious treatment method, research shows that acupuncture can help with most health challenges. 

Heidi Alexander is a licensed acupuncturist serving Mt Pleasant and the greater Charleston SC region. She has 17 years of clinical experience and has provided more than 27,000 treatments. Please check out patient testimonials for reviews and results.

You're invited to arrange a complimentary 25 minute phone consultation.  Let's discuss your specific health challenges and goals and find out how acupuncture might help you.  Please click here to schedule online.