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Continuing Education

Advanced training in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Women's Health, Prenatal & Infertility

The Fertile Soul: Reproductive Training Seminar – Randine Lewis

Complete Pregnancy Course Using Chinese Herbs – Sharon Weizenbaum

IVF & TCM: Treatment of Infertility – Jane Lyttleton

Mastering The Basics: Treatment of Infertility – Jane Lyttleton

Treating Infertility with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels - Yvonne Farrell & Laura Erlich

The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease – Leslie Oldershaw

Treatment Strategies for PCOS, Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes - Sharon Weizenbaum

Optimizing Ovarian Reserve – Brandon Horn & Wendy Yu

The Complete Course – Debra Betts

Acupuncture During Pregnancy: Safe & Ethical Practice – Claudia Citkowitz

Sports Injuries & Pain:

Treating Common Injuries To the Lower Extremity – Matt Callison

Treating Common Injuries To The Lower Back And Hip
– Matt Callison

Huatoujiajie Points:  Vertebral Fixations – Matt Callison

Cadaver Lab – Matt Callison

Foundations in Neuro-Meridian Integrative Acupuncture
– Poney Chiang

Acupuncture Treatment For Injuries of The Upper And Lower Extremities – Whitfield Reaves

Chronic Pain - Dave Maybee

General Health:

Clarifying Diagnosis – Sharon Weizenbaum

Treatment Strategies for PCOS, Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes - Sharon Weizenbaum

Clinical Wonders with Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 – Richard Tan

Getting It Right The First Time – Jeffrey Yuen

The Art of Looking – Jeffrey Yuen

Japanese Acupuncture - Jake Fratkin

Auricular Medicine:

Auriculotherapy and Nogier's Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) – Rafael Nogier

Advanced Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine – Rafael Nogier

Orientation to the Field of Auricular Acupuncture - Dave Maybee

How Does It Work? - Dave Maybee

Point Selection and Treatment Principles - Dave Maybee

Chronic Pain - Dave Maybee


Advanced Acupuncture for Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression – Susie Hayes

Rooting the Spirit: The Treatment of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders - Rani Ayal

Facial Diagnosis: The Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease – Lilian Bridges

A Daoist Amidst The Chaos – Jeffrey Yuen


Acupuncture & Herbs For Cancer Patients – Michael Zanoni

Oriental Medicine In The Palliative Care Of The Terminally Ill – Michael Zanoni

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